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My Latest Book Recommendations: August 2023

The Perfect Staging for Murder by Kathleen Bridge

A Hamptons Home and Garden Mystery

I've enjoyed this series from the beginning, for its use of history, antiques, and old houses to create contemporary stories with strong links to the past. Meg continues to be a compelling character trying to balance her personal with professional life with solving murders. In this one, suspicion falls on boyfriend Patrick, giving Meg more reason than ever to discover whodunnit.

Star Tangled Murder by Nancy J. Cohen

A Bad Hair Day Mystery

In this installment in this long-running series, we are ushered into Marla and Dalton's busy lifestyle where they're trying to balance their dual careers with caring for their new baby, Ryder. Even with her husband's impending retirement from the police force, Marla finds herself immersed in another murder case. This story finds the intrepid pair spending what should be a relaxing day visiting a Pioneer Village. What could go wrong? A lot! Especially when each reenactor seems to have something to hide. Some of those secrets are benign, while others turn out to be deadly. I enjoyed the weaving of South Florida history in with this mystery along with an array of suspects, all of whom appear guilty at one time or another. Although Marla declares at the end that her sleuthing days are over, I dearly hope not!

Mastering the Art of French Murder by Colleen Cambridge

An American in Paris Mystery

A fun, light read that captures all the charm of post-war Paris. An enjoyable group of secondary characters adds humor and warmth, and I loved the details of Julia Child's cooking. I finished this one with a smile on my face.

Death in the English Countryside by Sara Rosett

Murder on Location

A Hollywood location scout goes to England to search for her less-than-dependable boss, who has disappeared while searching out properties for a new Pride & Prejudice movie. Not only does she have to navigate a host of suspicious characters who all have motive, but she has to acclimate to a whole new way of life and looking at things. I love fish out of water stories and I love quaint English villages, so I easily lost myself in this one. The tie-in to Pride and Prejudice was an added bonus for me, and the sexy photographer didn't hurt either!

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