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Murder at The Breakers on Hallmark!

It's been quite a journey seeing the first book in my Gilded Newport Mysteries adapted for television by Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. It began before the pandemic, when one of the executive producers, James Walsh, toured The Breakers and happened to come upon Murder at The Breakers in the gift shop. But you can hear more about that and how the project came to fruition through the links below. Just suffice it to say here that this has been a dream, I'm often pinching myself, and I couldn't be more excited and grateful!


Little Bitty Delights

Please bear with this one for a couple of minutes, I had some trouble with my first Instagram Live chat. But then we were good to go!

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Alyssa Maxwell

  Author of the Gilded Newport Mysteries


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Alyssa Maxwell, Author of the Gilded Newport Mysteries
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