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See The Gilded Newport Mysteries at NewportStyle.Net
Each sale helps support the Preservation Society of Newport County

I would be delighted to chat via Zoom or Skype with your book club, library group, etc. Please use my Contact page if you'd like to set up a date.

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I’m participating in a fun book club on Facebook in 2024 and invite you to join me and author Becki Lee as we Read Across the U.S. in 2024.

One of my favorite parts of reading is the escape it gives. I have been all around the world, several times, in books. The Read Across the U.S. Book Club will take us to all 50 states in 2024. If you just did some math in your head you’ll know that this is going to be fast & fun!

Every week Becki will introduce us to a new state and a new book. Over the year you’ll have the opportunity to meet 50 authors and “visit” all 50 states.

Come join me for this adventure and travel all across the U.S.




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Sleuths in Time is a group of historical mystery authors who love interacting with their readers. You can find us here:


Sleuths in Time Book Club on Facebook: Visit the page to see what it's all about. Click JOIN and answer two super easy questions to be included. 

(The book club has been on hiatus but we hope to get back to it soon!)

9/5/2014         MURDER AT THE BREAKERS made the USA Today Bestseller list at #126

Never in my life would I have expected this to happen, but on August 30, 2014, my author ranking at Amazon was higher than J.K. Rowlings!

Sold At The Breakers Gift Shop

A Facebook Friend took this picture in the gift shop at

The Breakers!!

For more about what Emma Cross wore, who she knew and where she went on her quest for clues, see my Pinterest Board! Click HERE




And to see more about the world of Phoebe Renshaw and Eva Hunfort, Click here!

Alyssa Maxwell

  Author of the Gilded Newport Mysteries


A Lady and Lady's Maid Mysteries

Alyssa Maxwell, Author of the Gilded Newport Mysteries
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