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My Latest Book Recommendations

Murder at the Majestic Hotel by Clara McKenna

This series follows the marriage and life of American Stella Kendrick and young British Viscount Lyndhurst whose family needs money, and fast. What begins as a marriage of convenience turns out to be a love match, their romance marred only by the murders that seem to happen everywhere Stella and Lyndy go. In this latest, they're on their honeymoon at the grand Majestic Hotel, and when another guests is found dead, Stell sets out to prove it was more than an unfortunate accident. I've been an avid fan of this series since book one. Stella and Lyndy's adventures and their devotion to each other are a delight - in a similar vein as Nick and Nora Charles. Reading these books makes me happy! If you're looking for light, feel-good mysteries with beautiful historical details, this series is for you!

Murder at an Irish Castle by Ellie Brannigan

I found this to be an engaging set-up for a new series. Who wouldn't want to inherit a castle in Ireland? It's pretty much my dream scenario. However, it turns out sleuth Rayne McGrath, an L.A. native, is a complete fish out of water among the ancient stones, fields, and sheep of Ireland. But the terms of her uncle's will state she must stay for a full year or forfeit the inheritance, forcing her to cope with a life she never envisioned living and a cast of characters who far from make life easy, or at times, even tolerable. While she longs for the paved sidewalks and trendy shops of Rodeo Drive, something inside her is compelled to stay and see things through. Having been to Ireland, I very much enjoyed the setting and the references to local life, beliefs, and traditions. Looking forward to the next one!

No Strangers Here by Carlene O'Conner

I just loved this book, and, after reading Murder at an Irish Castle, I was more than happy to spend another several days in Ireland. This is a darker, more traditional mystery rather than a cozy, but still has an amateur sleuth, veterinarian Dimpna Wilde, who has come home to Dingle with secrets of her own and a haunted past. I've visited County Kerry and Dingle, and the descriptions are spot on, with many places that were familiar to me. Very atmospheric, with a mystery that spans from the present day to the characters' dark and traumatic past. Enthralling!

The Finalist by Joan Long

Single mom and author Risa Marr is struggling to make ends meet. So when she's given an opportunity to compete for the chance to finish a recently deceased author's unfinished manuscript and take over writing the series going forward, she jumps at the chance. The competition will take place on a deserted island, where Risa and the others are completely cut off from the outside world. What can go wrong? I found it hard to believe this is a debut novel. It kept me constantly turning pages and wondering what will happen next. Some great twists, surprises and top-notch pacing. I highly recommend!

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