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Beautiful Ochre Court and a Rerelease!

With the rerelease of Murder at Ochre Court in trade paperback (previously only in hardcover and ebook), I thought I'd share this link with anyone interested in the house itself. Since Ochre Court is the administrative building for Salve Regina University, it isn't open to tours, although visitors are welcome to walk around the grounds and see the house from the outside, which is spectacular. In fact, if you walk to the very end of the lower terrace, you'll see how the railing is shaped like the bow of a ship, something that is mentioned in the book. Anyway, this link will take you to the Salve Regina website, where there is a fantastic photo gallery of much of the inside of the house. It's almost as good as being there in person. So look to your heart's content, and enjoy!

And here are just a few pictures I was able to take there, under special circumstances. The pictures on the website are much better.

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