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 Introducing my newest series, 

A Lady and Lady's Maid Mysteries, 

set in post WWI England,  featuring Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady's maid, Eva Huntford. In a village where no significant crime has been committed in over a hundred years, and where the local inspector particularly likes his whiskey, Phoebe and Eva will find it necessary to team up to solve crimes above and below stairs at Foxwood Hall and the nearby village of Little Barlow. In the first installment, 


 the servants' Boxing Day holiday is rudely interrupted when some rather gruesome items are discovered nestled in their Christmas boxes...

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I'm happy to say I'm also continuing with

The Gilded Newport Mysteries,

featuring amateur sleuth Emmaline Cross. As both a Vanderbilt cousin and a Newporter born and raised, Emma's as strong as the steel rails that built her relatives' fortune, fiercely independent, and as determined as the ocean tides when it comes to standing her ground and seeing that justice is done.


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A Silent Stabbing

A Lady & Lady's Maid Mystery book 5

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As England recovers from its costly involvement in the Great War, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady’s maid, Eva Huntford, find the steady comforts of their lives unsettled by a local case of murder . . .
Eva is excited for a visit from her sister Alice, who lives in Suffolk with her husband and three children. But when Alice arrives alone, desiring a break from her family, Eva becomes concerned. Her dismay deepens as Alice starts spending time with a former beau, Keenan Ripley, who owns the nearby pear orchard. At the same time, Phoebe's sister Julia, now a widow and pregnant, is in a fretful state, and Phoebe struggles to be helpful to her.
When Keenan's brother Stephen, the new head gardener at the Renshaw estate, Foxwood Hall, is found impaled by a pair of hedge clippers, the police—including Eva's beau, Constable Miles Brannock—suspect his closest kin. Stephen had been eager to sell their orchard to an American developer, but Keenan had fiercely resisted. A table set with two teacups and scones suggests Keenan had company the morning of the murder—and Eva fears her sister was with him.
If Alice were to provide Keenan with an alibi, her reputation and marriage would be ruined. She denies being there but is clearly withholding secrets, much to Eva's consternation. Now, to protect her sister, Eva and Phoebe set off to expose the gardener's real killer, putting their own lives at risk . . .

"Eva and Lady Phoebe provide smart sleuthing and insight into the upstairs and downstairs worlds. Fans of traditional English mysteries will be rewarded." Publishers Weekly

"A stylish post–World War I mystery with plenty of twists and strong female characters fully capable of negotiating them." Kirkus Reviews

"The forward-thinking Phoebe and the loyal Eva are a sympathetic duo, and the life and times of a small, post-WWI English village are nicely integrated into the story." Booklist

"Themes of family, sisterly, neighbourly and upper/lower class relationships are explored with care and affection. This will delight Maxwell’s readers as well as all who love a good cosy. And since they appear in the plot ―tea and scones, anyone?" The Historical Novel Society

"A great period mystery highlighting family relationships as well as class differences. I only wish that I had my own glass of perry to raise in its honor!" Cozy Up with Kathy

"The aftermath of the Great War impacts the relationship between Phoebe and Eva: women of every class face choices that they could not have anticipated in their youth. Alyssa Maxwell’s A Silent Stabbing brings the pastoral world of maid and mistress to vibrant life, with an elegantly elegiac tone to the narrative." Criminal Element

"I love traveling back in time with Maxwell as the guide. . .You will fall in love with this series and never want to leave Foxwood Hall." Missi Stockwell Martin at Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

"A series that never fails to delight this reader.  Thanks to the considerable talents of Alyssa Maxwell, readers can “visit” the delights and perils of life in a small English village in post- World War I England. Don’t miss it." Stephane Saxon Levine, Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore

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Murder at Kingscote

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