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 Introducing my newest series, 

A Lady and Lady's Maid Mysteries, 

set in post WWI England,  featuring Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady's maid, Eva Huntford. In a village where no significant crime has been committed in over a hundred years, and where the local inspector particularly likes his whiskey, Phoebe and Eva will find it necessary to team up to solve crimes above and below stairs at Foxwood Hall and the nearby village of Little Barlow. In the first installment, 


 the servants' Boxing Day holiday is rudely interrupted when some rather gruesome items are discovered nestled in their Christmas boxes...

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I'm happy to say I'm also continuing with

The Gilded Newport Mysteries,

featuring amateur sleuth Emmaline Cross. As both a Vanderbilt cousin and a Newporter born and raised, Emma's as strong as the steel rails that built her relatives' fortune, fiercely independent, and as determined as the ocean tides when it comes to standing her ground and seeing that justice is done.


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A Deadly Endowment

A Lady & Lady's Maid Mystery book 7

To make ends meet, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady’s maid, Eva Huntford, have decided to open up Foxwood Hall to guided public tours. Not everyone is pleased about it—even to the point of committing murder . . .

The lean times following the Great War continue to require creative solutions for England's noble class. But Lady Phoebe’s proposal to open up the Renshaw estate to guided tours for additional income strikes many in the family as a “vulgar enterprise.” Phoebe’s grandfather, the Earl of Wroxly, however, reluctantly concedes the necessity.
Their first tour group consists of members of the Historical Society, a magazine writer, and a flock of students. It’s a large group for Phoebe, her sister Amelia, and Eva to manage, and when the widow Arvina Bell goes missing, Eva goes in search of her—only to find her in the library, strangled with a silken drapery cord.
The schoolchildren are promptly sent home, but the members of the Historical Society—many of whom also wandered off at times—remain for interrogation. There is also, curiously, a framed photo missing from the library. As the police hastily zero in on a suspect, Phoebe and Eva weigh the clues. Does the crime have to do with rumors of hidden treasure at Foxwood Hall? But they must make haste to solve the widow’s murder—before someone else becomes history . . .


"An exemplary cozy.” –Publishers Weekly

"An appealingly perceptive look at England between the wars." - Kirkus Reviews

"A fast paced, quick read, with entertaining and likeable characters, and a plot with enough red-herrings, twists and turns to keep a reader engaged. I give it 5 stars and recommend to all cozy mystery fans." My Cat Reads

"This author has an admirable ability to populate her stories with distinctive and credible characters. She brings the period to life so vividly that the settings of the tale appear visible on the reader's mental screen." Stephanie Saxon Levine, Murder on the Beach Mystery Bookstore

"With a “Downton Abbey” flair, this historical cozy mystery will appeal to many." The Parkersburg (West Virginia) News and Sentinel


A Deadly Endowment is one of Woman's World Book Club's best new books for the week of January 10th!

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Coming next in the Gilded Newport Mysteries:

Murder at Beacon Rock

August 31, 2022


The New York Yacht Club’s exclusive gathering at Newport, Rhode Island’s Beacon Rock mansion hits stormy seas in the summer of 1900 when reporter Emma Cross, a lesser Vanderbilt, discovers a drowned corpse in Alyssa Maxwell’s tenth Gilded Newport Mystery…

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A Deadly Endowment comp
A Deadly Endowment comp

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A Lady and Lady's Maid Mysteries

Alyssa Maxwell, Author of the Gilded Newport Mysteries